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Ben McNeil (a Singer-Songwriter from Adelaide, Australia) has a passion for energetic alternative and vibrant melodies that echo genres as diverse as acoustic, folk and pop. He set out to develop a personal and insightful approach to songwriting, to create compelling tracks with a sound that feels refreshingly modern yet organic and natural.

On Ben’s latest Album ‘Set in the Back’ he wrote, performed, mixed and mastered the entire work on his own. Incredibly honest Ben McNeil holds nothing back. His highly flexible, downright gorgeous vocals, country, folk, and rock influences come together in his songs usually all within the same tune.

Ben walks the back roads of acoustic pop exploring roads less travelled, roads with the most interesting views and roads which those who wander on span wonderfully between it’s acoustic, pop-rock and singer-songwriter boundaries. With hints of David Gray, Damien Rice, Crowded House, Nirvana and The Beatles, Ben McNeil knows his own heart and the path he wants to follow just as his influences once did. All successful and all revered by the masses but on their own terms.

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