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Immersive Live Virtual Reality Concerts

Immerse yourself in full 360 video

Watch from the front row or on stage

100% of proceeds go to artists

No VR headset required

Unlike anything you've ever experienced!

What is NETGIGS Live VR?

An incredible experience of being at a live music concert as it happens in Virtual Reality! We immerse fans fully in the action, they can enjoy the show from the front row with the live crowd and can even be on stage with their favourite artist.

What Do I Need To Use It?

All you need is a modern smartphone, a set of headphones to connect to your phone, and a phone-insert VR headset. You will find inexpensive VR headsets on major internet shopping sites, they can also be purchased at some NETGIGS Live VR shows!

How Do I Use It?

When the show starts streaming

  • Bring up the video on your mobile phone
  • Select The Play icon
  • Select the VR Headset icon
  • Insert your phone into your VR headset
  • Put the VR headset on your head and enjoy the show!