Netgigs mentioned in The Music Network: Inside the music industry’s live streaming bubble

Source Link: The Music Network

“Grice says only a small handful of players have emerged.

The one that ensures artists are given the tools to enable them to benefit financially, and the rights holders are appropriately compensated for the broadcast of their works, will be the one that wins.

He cites NETGIGS, also from his hometown of Adelaide, as a global game-changer in this.

The Music Network has championed NETGIGS since founder Joe Ward two years ago set up a studio in his backyard and streamed six gigs by Adelaide bands and reached 500 punters.

They charged $10 to $20 each, depending on additional features, on length of the stream, how many cameras and production crews are used, and extra offerings such as interviews and backstage shenanigans.

NETGIGS streamed gigs from Adelaide venue Fowlers’ Live and the Queensland segment of the National Live Music Awards.

It now has laptop and mobile apps in Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, Germany, France, UK and Ireland, and production teams in 100 countries.

Grice points out, “They already hold public performance licences in multiple territories around the world, have a revenue model that will bring significant benefits to artists incomes, and have a platform that assists artists to build an intimate community of fans across the world, and they are moving fast.”

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