Tough Boys – Fowler’s Live

Tough Boys – Fowler’s Live

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TOUGH BOYS are an electric power rock duo from Adelaide who use huge, pummelling riffs and infectious melodies to worm their way into every ear possible.

Influenced by a range of artists stemming from Devo and The Cars to Type O Negative and The Galvatrons, Lazer (guitar, vocals) and Marc 5 (bass, vocals) whip up a frenzy of enthusiasm and energy every time they hit the stage.

“If you are yet to experience the Tough Boys, do yourselves a favour and acquire a ticket to their next show. Don’t forget to take a friend – you’ll need someone to share the experience with.” – Yewth Magazine

“The duo took us on a journey, drawing heavily on 80s power rock influences, delivering a set filled with video game audio samples, sirens, snippets from 80s movies (think Nightmare on Elm Street) and even elevator music just to throw you off. Although the group were quite eclectic, they were extremely entertaining and are definitely one to see live to truly appreciate their sound.” – This Is Radelaide

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