Audio Reign

AUDIO REIGN was formed with the vision of creating an inimitable Australian Rock sound, molding driving heavy guitars with melodic vocals and harmonies. The band’s debut EP ‘Find Your Way’, mastered by the iconic Jens Bogren (Dragonforce, Opeth) was released to coincide with their unforgettable festival debut at the Big Day Out in Australia with an audience of over 15,000 die-hard rock fans. With an incredible live show, a loyal and growing fanbase, and a repertoire of their most electrifying material to date, there is so much potential coursing through Audio Reign that their future could very well be to preside at the top echelon of Australian rock.     

"The NETGIGS team are legends! They are 100% for supporting bands & absolutely about giving affordable live concert access to people who may be in a different state or country, may not be able to afford a ticket to their favorite band due to circumstances, may have a disability & can’t get out, may be a single parent & can’t get babysitters etc. etc. Well done guys”
- Jake Fleming, Audio Reign

Five Against One

Pearl Jam Tribute Show

Put together by former Evenflow singer Dave Skull, FIVEagainstONE is a coming together of 5 great musicians united by their love for the songs of Pearl Jam. The aim is simple: play the music of Pearl Jam as accurately as possible, with passion and energy. To put heart and soul into every performance and treat the music with the respect it deserves.

“NETGIGS deliver what they promise - highest quality video, audio and broadcasts/streaming, but they are also true music lovers and go to any lengths to make the whole experience easy and comfortable for the artists. I can hand on heart say that any musician/band will be better for the NETGIGS experience in every way!”
Dave Skull, Five Against One

Funky Monks

Australia’s Red Hot Chili Peppers Show

Formed in 1990 to pay tribute to outrageous LA funk rock outfit, the first show was an after show party in Adelaide, playing to a packed house at the The Venue after the RHCP’s Blood Sugar Sex Magik tour concert, the band had some surprise guests where Chad Smith (RHCP drummer) and Arik Marshall (RHCP then guitarist) getting up and jam on stage with the Funky Monks and giving their approval.

“Netgigs are the most driven and committed to the cause team I have ever had the pleasure of working with, by a long shot!! Keep up the great work Netgigs.”
- Rick Leppa, Funky Monks 

The Drought Breakers - Australia

Scott Darlow, Sarah McLeod, Adam Brand, Jack Jones, Todd Hunter

“NETGIGS. So amazing. I recorded a song with Sarah McLeod (
The Superjesus), 'Golden Guitar' winner Adam Brand, Jack Jones and Todd Hunter (Dragon) to raise money for drought affected Aussie farmers in late 2018. Our version of Rain (under the moniker of The Drought Breakers) quickly raced to #2 on the iTunes Charts and #6 on the Aria charts, so to capitalise, we performed a one-off gig as The Drought Breakers, in Rundle Mall in Adelaide’s CBD (South Australia). Along with the Premier of South Australia, news cameras and print journalists, NETGIGS came and live streamed the gig for us, helping spread the event to thousands of people. NETGIGS' ability to get the gig to so many people helped us raise a heap more money. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.” 
   - Scott Darlow, The Drought Breakers

National Live Music Awards - Australia

Magic Dirt Lifetime Achievement Award & Live Performance

The National Live Music Awards are Australia’s only dedicated celebration of contemporary live music. NETGIGS streamed the event live as well as being the naming rights to the Festival of the Year award which was won by the “Dark Mofo” Festival held annually in Hobart, Tasmania. The night was a great success with the full three-hour show featuring awards and performances including a very special live set from Australian rock royalty Magic Dirt streamed without a hitch on the NETGIGS platform.

LiR - Ireland

NETGIGS launched in Dublin, Ireland with a gig from the legendary Irish rock band LiR. The show was the first international pay-per-view pilot and the first show with our global production partners in the AV Alliance. The event was a huge success with fantastic reviews of both the performance and the Netgigs experience. It was streamed successfully to thousands of LiR fans all over Ireland, the UK, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.