What is NETGIGS?

By Netgigs, published on 06 Sep 2020

COVID has devastated the live music industry around the world but NETGIGS is not a knee-jerk response to it. We saw the benefits of live streaming nearly 3 years ago and since then we have been working on building NETGIGS as the most feature-rich provider of music video content in the world. NETGIGS currently operates in every country in the western world and the next part of our expansion will be entry to markets in Asia and Latin America, we are currently working on Korea, Brazil and Colombia. 

Livestreaming itself is not the game-changer, it’s only a part of the digital transformation that is in play worldwide. We believe Netgigs is the best in the world at doing that, but we exist to help the business of music, not just the broadcasting of it. This is important to understand and it’s what will make it stick, not the desperation of the moment, but better tools to connect more people with more artists, while aiming to make it super easy and hassle free. 

Our new custom licensing option to support global ticket sales is just one of many features we will be adding in the coming months. For example we are just about to roll out our DRM that will help to secure content on our platform and reduce piracy, we are working together with the music industry and taking every move we can to secure and deliver their content to global audiences.

We've also just been certified by ARIA in Australia as an ARIA sales outlet. This relationship allows us to offer single/album digital music sales on our platform alongside the video content/merchandise and have those sales contribute to the official ARIA charts each week. This service can be very valuable to artists who are trying to boost their album pre-sales in the critical weeks just before a release.

Within Australia, NETGIGS has the support of major TV and radio media outlets to assist in the promotion of NETGIGS shows. Specific media outlets can be selected based on the artist’s fan demographic to maximise fan engagement and to ensure the optimum effectiveness of each campaign. We believe this cross-platform reach will enhance any artists' promotional campaigns while providing additional revenue streams through pay-per-view live streaming.

NETGIGS is also in talks with international media organisations to develop further partnerships that enhance our brand, providing the broadest possible reach across multiple media platforms. All agreements with each media organisation are non-exclusive, meaning the most appropriate channel can be selected based on each artist’s fanbase.

NETGIGS don’t just support live-streaming, we monetise all forms of video content be it live streamed or on demand archived footage. We navigate the international songwriter royalties, implement DRM (Digital Rights Management), support merch sales, make sure the artists, managers, promoters etc get their cuts and support localised content availability and pricing/taxing in each country around the globe. Netgigs is a one-stop-shop to serve the emerging new industry. And the amazing thing is that fans get the best experience and artists have a hugely superior way to focus on what they do best, create and reaching their fans wherever they are, while also maximising revenues. 

NETGIGS has activity based contracts with international PRO collection societies and is currently licensed to operate in 74 countries around the world including the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Japan.

We'd be very happy to chat about how NETGIGS can help you. You can contact us at this link.