Live Streaming, another Tool in the Marketing Mix

By Netgigs, published on 29 Aug 2020

Live Streaming, another Tool in the Marketing Mix

The COVID-19 outbreak has left the live music scene facing an uncertain future, but being forced to adapt could mean a brighter future for everyone.

Fans that cannot physically make it to a live show, still have access to the amazing experience of the gig, whether live streamed or on demand afterwards.

NETGIGS is unique offering an e-commerce platform for the live event industries. Our focus is not only on broadcasting an event, but also on the business of events, bringing efficiencies and optimising artist revenues. This is a fundamental change to the economics of live events and is beneficial to the people and businesses involved.

The potential benefits from Live Streaming were recently explored during the first ‘Side B Sessions’ panel discussion.

Nick O’Byrne (Manager at ‘Look Out Kid’) stated that “There’s potential in live streaming to hugely increase income from a live show... It’s making us realise that we should have made these [one-off or milestone live performances] available for people who couldn’t make it for geographical reasons, ability, health or financial reasons a long time ago. We’re forced into this position now, but that will be a huge positive to come out of this.”

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*Side B Sessions is a series of free online talks brought to you by Bolster. It brings together industry thought leaders and specialists to discuss the intersection between digital, music, tech, entertainment, and brand.

How artists can strengthen their future

It is wonderful to see that Live Streaming is being recognized not only as an alternative way to make an income now and in the future, but also as an opportunity for Artists to engage with their audience, and build a stronger fan base which will ultimately strengthen their future!

As per our recent feedback, a lot of fans are finding the inability to be at the show is being compensated by the opportunity to chat with the NETGIGS artists.

In May, Artist Manager and APRA AMCOS Ambassador John Watson shared his advice on what you can do during this period of change to come out stronger and ready to play again in his Support/Create/Advocate video.

Engaging with fans and Live Streaming are just 2 of the topics that John covered, others included great advice regarding:

Do the admin that you shuffle to the side

Creative work

Applying for grants


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