About Us

Netgigs was launched this year in Australia by a team of dedicated professionals from the music, TV, radio, digital media and IT industries. In essence we have created our own global distribution channel from musicians directly to audiences who are prepared to pay to be entertained by their performances. The world has changed and Netgigs have moved with the times. Netgigs is bringing great music and live performances back to the masses.

Netgigs is an online platform that connects bands and other live performers to their fans and other audiences worldwide (including those who can’t attend live for whatever reason) in high definition video and audio quality, on any device, using pay per view and subscription based models. Customers can watch live and/or archived performances on demand and also purchase merchandise and other band related products and services. Bands and performers and even venues who can have dedicated channels of their own get paid a percentage of the revenue generated from pay per view, subscriptions and sales.

Netgigs is also a physical platform that allows bands to attend and perform at Netgigs very own venues which includes our own production crew to stream and record live performances, whilst also allowing the band working with Netgigs to do photo shoots, interviews, sell merchandise, and a whole host of other PR activities to help bolster their exposure.

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